Loan against property Interest rates

Our team of Property Experts strives to secure the most competitive loan against property interest rates for you. We provide loans against properties like residential flats, independent houses, open plots, commercial properties, industrial properties, bars and restaurants, hospitals, clinics, school and college properties, petrol pumps, old structures, etc.

We have disbursed many of the critical loan cases where banks have rejected the loan proposal by the client initially but with our recommendation, they approved immediately.

Why to invest in real estate?

You can get a Term loan or OD (overdraft facility) with flexible terms and quick processing. ith branches and digital services available, accessing a Loan Against Property with Mintra in Hyderabad can be convenient and accessible.

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Best Loan Against Property Interest Rates Available from India's Top Banks

Loan Against Property Loan Banks

Interest Rate

Processing Fee

Loan Amount/Tenure

9.5% - 11%

Up to 1%

₹49L - ₹5Cr

Tenure -Up to 15 Years


1.25% - 2%

₹10L - ₹3Cr

Tenure- Up to 1 Years


Up to 1%

₹25L - ₹5Cr

Tenure- Up to 12 Years

8.25% - 20%

Up to 3%

₹25L - ₹7Cr

Tenure- 1 to 20 Years


Up to 1%

₹10L - ₹5Cr

Tenure(Up to 15 Years)

9.5% - 11%


₹49L - ₹15Cr

Tenure( Up to 15 Years )


2% - 3%

₹3L - ₹5Cr

Tenure(Up to 15 Years)


Up to 1%

₹30L - ₹5Cr

Tenure(Up to 15 Years)

9.25% - 11%


₹25L - ₹7Cr

Tenure(5 - 15 Years)


Up to 2%

Up to ₹20Cr

Tenure(Up to 20 Years)

12% - 14%

Up to 2%

₹10L- ₹3Cr

Tenure(1 - 20 Years)

9.85% - 18%

Up to 2%

Up to ₹5Cr

Tenure(1 - 20 Years)

9.60% - 12%

Up to 3%

₹50K - ₹12Cr

Tenure(1 - 15 Years)

Up to 17%

1% - 2%

₹10L - ₹5Cr

Tenure(2 - 15 Years)

8.5% to 20.6%


₹2L - ₹10Cr

Tenure(1 - 10 Years)

Why Mintra for Real Estate?

Achieve capital appreciation the smart way with Mintra Financial. With many beneficiary points, investing in real estate has been made easier through Mintra.

Higher Loan Amounts

Since the loan is secured by your property, you can usually borrow a larger amount compared to unsecured loans

Longer Repayment Tenure

LAP typically comes with a longer repayment tenure, which can make it easier to manage your finances with lower EMIs.

Better Interest Rate Negotiation

We have a strong connection with bankers and can get better deal with less charges and lower interest rates

From Errors to Excellence with Mintra Mortagage loan

Apply to do Real Estate with us and go enroute savings!

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